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To educate the next generation of tech talent in the Palm Beaches

Code Palm Beach


Code Palm Beach is an nonprofit organization introducing K-12 Students to computer coding technology in the Palm Beaches.

Through monthly events, we create a positive environment that promotes tech, coding, engineering, and robotics education for school age children. We leverage readily available curriculum from, freeCodeCamp, and CoderDojo.

Our instructors are volunteers from successful tech companies in the Palm Beaches. They include developers from entry level positions to experienced Chief Technology Officers.


Code Palm Beach was originally founded in 2016 as CoderDojo Palm Beach by George Whitaker and Sean Biganksi of Hello Labs.

Code Palm Beach is the evolution of this effort, where many others have joined the movement to educate our next generation on


Sean Biganski

CTO @ Hello Labs

Vice Chair

Jeremy Lawson

Platform Manager @ Arrow Digital


Michelle Bakels

Developer @ Nextera Energy


George Whitaker

Director of Engineering @ PGA

Executive Director

Joe Russo

Executive Director @ Palm Beach Tech

Board Members

Emily Reid

VP of Open Learning @ AI4ALL

Chris Pait

Assistant Education Director @ South Florida Science Center

Tony Asci

CTE Specialist @ Palm Beach County School District


freeCodeCamp is a nonprofit organization that consists of an interactive learning web platform, an online community forum, chat rooms, Medium publications, and local organizations that intend to make learning web development accessible to anyone.

Beginning with tutorials that introduce students to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, students progress to project assignments that they must complete either alone or in pairs. Upon completion of all project tasks, students are partnered with other nonprofits to build web applications, giving the students practical development experience.

CoderDojo is a global volunteer-led community of free programming clubs for young people between 7 and 17. The movement is a grassroots organisation with individual clubs (called “Dojos”) acting independently.

Supporters of CoderDojo believe it is part of the solution to addressing the global shortage of programmers by exposing young people to ICT at a young age. The movement has seen significant growth since its founding. The CoderDojo Foundation estimates 1,250 Dojos spread across 69 countries, with a growth rate of several new Dojos every week.

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