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How long are events?

Events are 1.5 hours, and mentors arrive early to setup and stay after to tidy up.

How many events do I have to attend?

As many as you would like, but we ask a minimum of 3 events annually.

What do we teach at the events?

Most of our events utilize,,

I’m not an expert, can I volunteer to code?

Yes! It does not matter if you have 15+ years of experience or are a bootcamp student. The students we are mentoring are just getting started.

How do we keep students engaged?

It’s important to adjust when a student is struggling or bored by switching curriculum. Or going off script and starting on a personal project and anything in between.


We need more mentors, coordinators, and advocates to volunteer just 2 hours of time an event. All of our volunteers are background checked by an independent third party, in addition approvals by our team to assure the most qualified professionals and advanced students are leading our programs.